IIIT Bangalore Admissions Ph.D. / MS Programs – 2014

iiit bangalore admissionsInternational Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) invites applications for its research degree programs, namely, Ph.D. and M.S. by Research programs, for admissions in JULY of 2014. Both programs have full-time as well as part-time options.

Research Domains: The following table lists the research domains for which there are openings for Ph.D. and M.S. by Research students to be admitted in July 2014. (There is no offering of M.S. by Research program in the Mathematics & Basic Sciences domain).




ComputerScience Algorithms,cryptography,optimization,machinelearning, distributedcomputing,artificialintelligence,computational


DataSciences Graphics&visualization,informationsystems



Statisticaltiminganalysis,analogEDA,digitalcircuitsizing, 3Dstructuresforhighfrequencyantenna,nano-magnetic logicgates,electricalpropertiesof3Dinterconnects, CMOSanalog&mixedsignaldesigns,flexibleelectronics, verificationofdigital&mixedsignaldesigns,detection ofhardwaretrojans,modelbasedembeddedsystemsynthesis
IT&Society ICTandpublicpolicy,ICTfordevelopment/health,innovation systemsintheICTindustry,urbansystems,governance analyticsandtoolkits


Mathematics:Numbertheory;inparticular,algebraicnumber theory,Galoisrepresentations,modularforms,Iwasawatheory, Diophantineequations,Galoismodulestructureand ellipticcurves,algebraiccomplexitytheoryandcryptography. Physics:Softmatterphysicsandcomplexsystemsincluding cavitationandbubbledynamics,studiesofinstabilitiesand synchronizationinnonlinearsystems(bothphysicaland biological,




Cognitiveradio,wirelessprotocols,imageprocessingand machinelearningapplicationsinmedicine,wireless communication,adaptivesignalprocessing,computervision, stateestimationinsmartgrids,greencommunication protocols,mediumaccesscontrolandQoSforbroadband wirelessnetwork
SoftwareEngineering Formalaspectsofembeddedsoftwareverificationand validation,programanalysisandverification,softwarerequirements

engineering,specification,V&Vofweb- services, V&V of embeddedsystems,reverse engineering (automaticextractionofupstreamsoftwarefrom downstreamartifacts)

Brief description of the active research in the aforementioned research domains is given in item# 6.
Minimum Eligibility Criteria:
Research domain-specific requirements are as follows: For applicants to Computer Science, Data Sciences, Embedded Systems & VLSI, Networking Communication & Signal Processing, and Software Engineering, a four-year bachelors degree in engineering (B.E., B.Tech. or equivalent) is required. for M.S. by Research and a masters degree in engineering (M.E., M.Tech. or equivalent) is required for Ph.D. For additional specific requirements, read the attached notification.

How to Apply ?

  • At the admissions website, http://www.iiitb.ac.in/admissions, applicant may find instructions, by Mar-15-2014, to access the online application form, fill it, and submit a completed application form as per the instructions given on the form.
  • All applicants need to pay a non-refundable application fee of INR 1000/-. There are two options for making the payment: (a) via bank transfer, and (b) using demand draft. The detailed instructions will be available with the online application form.
  • All queries may be sent via e-mail to the Institute: research.admissions@iiitb.ac.in.
  • On Jan-23-2014, the admissions brochure, degree program manuals, and other important docu- ments will be ready for download at http://www.iiitb.ac.in/admissions.

Important Dates:

  • Jan-01-2014: Call-for-Applications.
  • Jan-08-2014: Free Admissions Brochure ready for download. Mar-15-2014: Online application submission begins.
  • Apr-15-2014: Last date for online application submission with application fee remittance. Apr-22-2014: Last date for receiving recommendation letters.
  • May-15-2014: Notification of selected candidate for on-site evaluation.
  • Jun-01-2014: Written entrance examination (as required specifically by research domains) and interviews begin.
  • Jun-05-2014: Last day for interviews.
  • Jun-15-2014: Notification to admitted students.
  • Jun-21-2014: Remittance of acceptance fee.
  • Jul-31-2014: Joining date: orientation and course registration begins.
  • Aug-04-2014: Classes begin.
  • Aug-11-2014: Last date for add/drop courses, and course registration closes.

For more details, visit: http://www.iiitb.ac.in/phd-ms-research

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